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UPDATE: Vancouver Kissing Couple Not Staged [Video]

24 Jun Kissing Vancouver Couple riot


Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

Rich Lam/Getty Images

Last week, I wrote a post on the Vancouver kissing couple from the post-Stanley Cup loss riots. I had some fun with what was ultimately a sad situation for the city of Vancouver. This photo seemed to be the one of the few positive things (along with citizens helping clean up, and the thank you post-its covering cop cars. Which kind of seems counterproductive to cleaning up and helping the cops, but I digress) that happened that night. As always,¬†haters gonna hate, and it was called out as being staged. Then, this video below came out a few days ago. It depicts what exactly led to the couple being in the position they were – cops singling them out of the mass of people, and beating them to the ground with riot shields and what look like batons. It’s kind of brutal, yet I think shows that the powerful image we saw may have had even more meaning than we had originally thought. A moment of love in a time of chaos.


Kissing Vancouver Couple Remixed

16 Jun

By now, everyone has seen the famous photo of the kissing Vancouver couple from the riots last night (which is apparently a fake. UPDATE: Or it may not be! The plot thickens.) As Mashable pointed out, this picture is ripe for a meme. So let’s have at it, shall we?

Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

The original photo. Rich Lam/Getty Images

Sadaam statue falling vancouver kissing couple

It's a long way from Vancouver to Iraq.

Micael Jordan foul line dunk vancouver kissing couple

Hopefully they get out of the way in time.

Black panthers olympics vancouver kissing couple

Apparently they've got this time travel thing down.

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