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UPDATE: Vancouver Kissing Couple Not Staged [Video]

24 Jun Kissing Vancouver Couple riot


Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

Rich Lam/Getty Images

Last week, I wrote a post on the Vancouver kissing couple from the post-Stanley Cup loss riots. I had some fun with what was ultimately a sad situation for the city of Vancouver. This photo seemed to be the one of the few positive things (along with citizens helping clean up, and the thank you post-its covering cop cars. Which kind of seems counterproductive to cleaning up and helping the cops, but I digress) that happened that night. As always,¬†haters gonna hate, and it was called out as being staged. Then, this video below came out a few days ago. It depicts what exactly led to the couple being in the position they were – cops singling them out of the mass of people, and beating them to the ground with riot shields and what look like batons. It’s kind of brutal, yet I think shows that the powerful image we saw may have had even more meaning than we had originally thought. A moment of love in a time of chaos.

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