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How Much Are New Jersey Nets Tickets January 8th Edition

8 Feb

New Jersey Nets Coin

The New Jersey Nets are a bad basketball team. They are also not going to be the New Jersey Nets for much longer, leaving for Brooklyn at the end of the season. A funny thing has happened as the Nets play out their lame duck season in the Prudential Center – ticket prices have dropped through the floor on StubHub. Literally as far as they can go. At this point, a family of 4 can get tickets to a game for less than a nickel. So, as the rest of the season plays out, I’ll be tracking just how little you could get Nets season tickets for if you were to only buy them the day of the game and posting the photographic evidence. Can we stay under $50 for the rest of the year? I think we just may.

How much are tickets for the game against the Pistons going for tonight? A penny.

Nets Ticket Prices February 8 2012

Total as of 1/8: $.01

I’ve created a Tumblr to follow this as well, you can find it here.┬áMuch more condensed there.

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