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Red Sox vs Phillies June 30, 2011

30 Jun

I’m at the finale of the Red Sox/Phillies series and in honor of Social Media Day, I’ll be live tweeting the game. Follow me on Twitter @andrewenzy if you’re stuck without the game, or just want to see how this goes.


John Steigerwald Implies Giant Fan Invited Beating

12 Apr

“Maybe someone can ask Stow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants’ gear to a Dodgers’ home opener”

Yes, a “reporter” said that, after a Giants fan was nearly beaten to death for supporting his team at an away game. Apparently people shouldn’t wear jerseys to support their team. Or they should expect to be beaten. Seems like the same faulty logic that says a woman in provocative clothing is asking to be raped. Class act over at the Observer-Reporter. I realize its a nothing paper, but any editor/writer should know that you don’t publish something like that, no matter how you feel about the situation. Awful. The article was almost as bad as his pedo mustache.

As someone who supports a team (Red Sox) that isn’t from the city I live near (Philly), I couldn’t agree less with what this man says. I’ve sat in the old Yankee Stadium bleachers with a Red Sox jersey on, and not once did I fear for my life – nor should I have. Despite how much fans invest in the sport emotionally, it is still a game. It should never become a life-or-death situation, and no one should be afraid of physical retribution for supporting their team at a game. No matter where they are, or how old they are.

Here’s the article (it has been edited, originally Steigerwald didn’t even get the fan’s name right and called him “Snow,” along with numerous grammatical errors).

Someone over at NESN did some research and posted contact information. Trash this guy, and trash his editor. You can see his original writing sic’d there as well.

Editor Park Burroughs

Sports Editor Chirs Dugan

More Contacts

/end rant.

Red Sox vs. Phillies – Positional Breakdown

15 Dec

With the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford and trading for Adrian Gonzalez, and the Phillies signing Cliff Lee, clear favorites have emerged in the American and National Leagues. With all due respect to the Yankees (read: eff them), the lineups and rotations the Red Sox and Phillies have are the class of their leagues. I personally can’t wait for the season to start (or for their match up June 28-30), so I wanted to take a look at how these two teams stack up against each other.

Red Sox Logo Phillies Logo

First Base
Phillies: Ryan Howard

Red Sox: Adrian Gonzalez
Edge: Slight Edge Red Sox
Both of these guys are fairly even in what they bring to the table, but I’ve got to give a slight edge to the Red Sox on this one. Gonzalez’ power numbers came in spacious Petco Park, and he hits for a better average, along with bringing better D to the table.

Second Base
Chase Utley

Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia
Edge: Slight Edge Phillies
Two perennial MVP candidates, but I have to give the edge to the Phillies, with Pedroia coming off of such a major injury.

Third Base
Placido Polanco

Red Sox: Kevin Youkilis
Edge: Red Sox
When you have a guy who could win a Gold Glove at two positions, hits for power and average, and gets on base with regularity, they get the edge. No, I’m not talking about Polanco.

Jimmy Rollins

Red Sox: Marco Scutaro
Edge: Slight Edge Phillies
Neither guy was a huge asset last year, but also not a detriment. Rollins hurt the Phillies only because he hit leadoff, but if he gets back to form, he’s a better player than Scutaro.

Left Field:
Raul Ibanez

Red Sox: Carl Crawford
Edge: Red Sox
Not too many players in the league can get you 25 home runs and as many stolen bases as RBI. In fact, Crawford may be the only one. Edge Sox.

Center Field
Shane Victorino

Red Sox: Jacoby Ellsbury
Edge: Phillies
I give it to the Phillies, since Ellsbury missed all of last year. If Ellsbury comes back in full force this year, then it moves back to even, but at this point, Victorino gets the nod.

Right Field
Dominic Brown/Ben Francisco

Red Sox: J.D. Drew
Edge: Red Sox
A platoon or J.D. Drew. A weak spot for both. It’s never a good thing when J.D. Drew is the better option.

Carlos Ruiz

Red Sox: Jarrod Saltalamacchia/ Jason Varitek
Edge: Phillies
The Red Sox don’t know who their starter will be come April, and I think Carlos Ruiz is the Phillies most underrated player. He really stepped it up last year, especially in the playoffs.

Starting Pitchers
Phillies: Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton/Kyle Kendrick

Red Sox: Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, John Lackey, Dice-K
Edge: Really?
The Red Sox have a great starting rotation. Their top four would be an ace on the majority of teams, and Dice-K can be brilliant at times. But the Phillies, just wow. That’s a historic starting rotation. They could conceiveably not have a losing streak reach three games. You’re just not going to go through that rotation without at least one of them winning a game for you. All four are potential 2o game winners. It’s incredible and I’m actually excited to see where this rotation could get them. In the regular season, at least.

Phillies: A bunch of guys and Lidge

Red Sox: A bunch of guys, Bard and Paplebon
Edge: Slight Edge Red Sox
Middle relief is always iffy – could be great one year, and horrendous the next, even with the same guys. Papelbon can’t possibly be as bad as he was last year, but there’s always Bard waiting as a back up plan. Lidge has a history of being great; he also has a history of collapsing. Both teams will more than likely add to their bullpens before and during the season, so judgement will have to wait on this one. At the moment, however, I have to give it to the Red Sox.

Final Judgement
Overall, with the rotation the Phillies have, I think they will end the season with the best record in baseball. They will feast on their division, especially the Nationals, Marlins and Mets. The American League East cannibalizes each other, with three of the best teams in the league playing each other 18 times. The National League as a whole is much weaker, and the Phillies will end the season looking like the best team in baseball.

A seven game series, however, is a different story. The Red Sox pitching, while not as stellar as the Phillies, wouldn’t have to go through as tough a line up. However, as the Giants proved this year, pitching can shut down a superior lineup. It pains me to say this, but at the moment, I’d have to say the Phillies pitching gives them the edge. The gap between the two teams is small, and the Red Sox match up well with the Phillies. If a team has what it takes to take down the Phillies, it’s the Red Sox, but the way things are looking now, the World Series trophy will be coming back to Philadelphia.

Edge: Phillies

The Imperfect Game

4 Jun

First, let me start by saying congratulations to Armando Galarraga on the first 28 out perfect game in history. Also, I want to say that I feel terrible for Jim Joyce. I recognized his name when it was said, so you know that means he’s been around for awhile. Nobody knows umpire’s names (excluding Joe West), and if you do know their name, it means they’ve been around for awhile. Or they really pissed you off, but usually the first choice. Being around for awhile can only mean one thing – he’s done a damn good job. You can’t ask for more from him – he clearly blew the call, as you can see in the picture, but he didn’t run and hide, he didn’t try and defend himself. He knows what he did, and admitted as much, saying “I just cost that kid a perfect game.” The man cried, multiple times. He apologized profusely. Watching interviews with him, he truly seems genuine, and I can’t help but feel bad for him. Seeing him wipe tears away at home plate today sealed it – he’s a good dude. Plus, how can you not forgive a guy with that fantastic of a moustache, holding a puppy?

That being said, I think baseball got it right in not reversing the call. The human element is part of what makes baseball so great, and so frustrating. Think about this situation: tie game, full count, two outs, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. Pitch comes in, and is clearly outside for ball four, walking home the winning run. However, the umpire calls it strike three and the game goes into extra innings, where the home team wins anyway. Should baseball go back and give them the win in the ninth inning? No, and it shouldn’t change the ruling in last night’s game either. Ball four is a judgement call by the umpire, just as this was. The call did not affect the outcome of the game, just like Joyce’s call did not affect the outcome of the game. Does it suck? Absolutely. But that’s the game.

It also opens up the conversation for instant replay in baseball. I think it’s now inevitable, and could work. For example, I think it can work on balls in play, yet would have to leave the strike zone alone. Each umpire has their own interpretation of the strike zone, and no computer or replay can say definitively that a pitch is a strike or a ball. However, there is enough time between batters to review each bang-bang play, and have someone in the booth (another umpire, so they’re on the same page as the guys on the field) signal down saying “Hey, we need to change this.” That way there would be a better chance of getting all the calls right.

Another way to look at it – Armando Galarraga will now live on in baseball lore. Twenty years from now, will you remember that Dallas Braden threw a perfect game? Probably not. Will you remember the “Imperfect Game” and the controversy that followed? Will you remember what may end up being the start of full instant replay in baseball? I think the chances of that are a lot higher than had he gotten the perfect game. Well done, Armando Galarraga. You are now a part of baseball history.

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