I Really Miss Snowboarding

23 Jun

Sugarbush spring 2010At the gym today, one of the TVs was tuned to Versus. On Versus, they had decided to show some some crappy rail jam. Normally, I’m more into all mountain riding, in video and in person. However, I couldn’t look away. The tricks weren’t even all that great, and the set up looked tiny and cramped. I’m pretty sure it was one of those truck-snow-into-a-city-and-put-some-hits-up kind of rail jam, but it didn’t matter. It just made me realize how much I miss snowboarding. And how jealous I am of these people:

A couple of the guys I worked with at the shop this winter have been out to HCSC in Mt. Hood, Oregon, one as a photographer, one as a camper, and both raved about the place. It may have had something to do with the fact that they were snowboarding while it was 98 and humid in New Jersey, but it seems like an incredible experience. I know it’ll never happen, but I really would love to get to HCSC at least once in my life. I don’t hit the park most of the time, but I still want to go, it’d be a great place to learn. Hell, I’d love to snowboard anywhere other than the Ice Coast at some point in my life. That’s a much more realistic goal, but as of right now, I just really miss snowboarding. Summer is overrated.


Mark Cuban and the Greatest Legal Brief in History

22 Jun

dallas mavericks 2011 nba championsThe Dallas Mavericks recently took down the might Miami Heat to take home their first championship in franchise history. Dallas celebrated with a parade, one that DeShawn Stevenson may or may not have been sober at. Cleveland celebrated by making the Mavericks honorary Ohioans for Dirk “keeping his talents in Dallas” (burn!) and the Mavericks displaying “loyalty, integrity, and teamwork” in defeating the evil LeBron James. And Mark Cuban celebrated by giving a giant litigious middle finger to minority owner Ross Perot Jr. Let’s take a look at this brilliant legal brief, in response to Perot Jr.’s suit that the Mavericks are being mismanaged. Continue reading

The Boston Red Sox and Frustrating Dice-K Matsuzaka

20 Jun
Daisuke Matsuzaka Dice K

What am I supposed to do with this?

A couple weeks ago, it was reported that Daisuke Matsuzaka will under go Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, ending his season, and possibly his time with the Red Sox. Guess how many people are upset? NONE. (Approximately.) In eight starts this year, Dice-K is 3-3 with a 5.30 ERA. He has walked nearly as many as he has struck out. And he has continued to frustrate the Red Sox and fans.

How bad has it gotten? CBS Sports actually wrote an article asking whether or not it was okay to be happy when a player got injured. Their answer? The same as most of ours. Yes. To me, it’s not that I’m happy he’s hurt. I’m happy he’s out of the rotation. He just so happens to be out of the rotation because he’s hurt.

What was most irritating about Dice-K’s tenure in Boston Continue reading

A Collection of Painful Yankee Audio

17 Jun
Baby covered ears

Ruined at such a young age...

I honestly can’t think of anything worse than listening to a Yankee radio broadcast. The combination of Suzyn (with a Y!) Waldman and John Sterling just can’t be beat in it’s awfulness. Now, this isn’t to say Sterling is a bad broadcaster. In fact, I think he actually calls a good game – as long as the Yankees lose and a home run isn’t involved. His home run catchphrases are so douchy that even Yankee fans turn the volume down when a ball leaves the park. Hell, even if he stopped after his “Niiiiiiit is high, niiiiiiiit is far, niiiiiit is gone” call, it wouldn’t be so bad. But he can’t stop. Continue reading

Kissing Vancouver Couple Remixed

16 Jun

By now, everyone has seen the famous photo of the kissing Vancouver couple from the riots last night (which is apparently a fake. UPDATE: Or it may not be! The plot thickens.) As Mashable pointed out, this picture is ripe for a meme. So let’s have at it, shall we?

Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

The original photo. Rich Lam/Getty Images

Sadaam statue falling vancouver kissing couple

It's a long way from Vancouver to Iraq.

Micael Jordan foul line dunk vancouver kissing couple

Hopefully they get out of the way in time.

Black panthers olympics vancouver kissing couple

Apparently they've got this time travel thing down.

Seen any others? Link to them in the comments, or post your ideas there.

What an Odd Stanley Cup Finals It’s Been

15 Jun

The NHL really couldn’t have asked for anything more this year in the Stanley Cup finals between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. A Canadian team has a shot to bring the Stanley Cup back home for the first time since 1993. A “traditional” (read: Original Six) team is trying to win their first cup since 1972. And there has been no lack of drama, as this series is going to seven games. It’s also been a physical series, which can only do good things for the league’s popularity. Let’s take a look at the first six games, all won by the home team.

Game 1, in Vancouver: Canucks 1, Bruins 0
Game 2, in Vancouver: Canucks 3, Bruins 2 – OT
Game 3, in Boston: Bruins 8, Canucks 1
Game 4, in Boston: Bruins 4, Canucks 0
Game 5, in Vancouver: Canucks 1, Bruins 0
Game 6, in Boston: Bruins 5, Canucks 2

You may be noticing a trend here – either the Bruins can only score in the United States, or Roberto Luongo is only a good goalie in Canada. The games played in Vancouver have each been one goal games, with the Bruins scoring just two goals to the Canucks five. The games in Boston, however, have been a completely different story. All five were Bruin blowouts, by a combined score of 17-3. Clearly, home ice has been a huge advantage in this series, yet the one theme that has carried on no matter where the game is played is the Canucks inability to score. Even so, they have prevailed in every home game, which Game 7 is. This game is different though. The Bruins have responded in every must win situation (Game 3, down two games to none, and Game 6, for obvious reasons), and I think they will again.

The 8-1 beat down after the filthy Horton/Rome hit.

Will the Bruins finally bring their offense with them to Vancouver? Will Luongo remember how to get in front of a puck? Let’s see your Game 7 predictions in the comments.

The Insanity That Is SCUBA Diving

13 Jun

SCUBA v16 finsThis past week, I began my SCUBA certification course, which will get me certified to dive up to 60 feet. First was a four and a half hour intro course into SCUBA diving, and honestly, I think about half of the class was dedicated to how not to die. Then was the first of two pool sessions, where they demonstrated and allowed us to practice how not to die. The fact that the majority of these two sessions was dedicated to continuing to live, it’s pretty incredible that SCUBA diving is still a sport in the first place.

Think about the people who first said, “hey, I’d like to breathe underwater.” Without today’s technology, how were they not all doomed? And when people did die, why did people continue to say, “you know what, Chuck may have died, but I think I’ve got this one covered. I can breathe underwater.” It’s such an unnatural thing for a human being to do, and I guess it’s human nature to want to figure out how to do it even more. To those guys who figured it all out, I’d like to say thanks for sticking it out. SCUBA diving is some serious shit, and I’m glad I can just learn and do it, and don’t have to figure it out for myself.

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