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Youtubesday – The Return of Tosh.0

17 May

YoutubesdayTosh.0 starts back up tonight, and I’m excited. I’m also lazy. Enjoy some Tosh clips, from the show and his standup.

Ice cream truck guy gets his web redemption.

Asians are as bad at driving wheelchairs as they are cars. (Click the link if the video doesn’t show up)

Tosh.0 Tuesdays 10pm / 9c
Video Breakdown – Elevator Wheelchair
Tosh.0 Videos Daniel Tosh Web Redemption

If you’ve got some time to kill, heres some of his special Completely Serious. Apparently Happy Thoughts has been taken down. The rest of this special seems to be up on Youtube. I started with Part 2 to skip the intro.


Youtubesday: Fresh Balls – Yes this is a Real Product

10 May

YoutubesdaySo I’m listening to Opie and Anthony today, and on comes a commercial for this thing called Fresh Balls. At first, I’m thinking this is just one of O&A’s filler bits, one of their production pieces they play before coming back on air. Turns out, Fresh Balls is a real thing. And yes, it does exactly what you would expect it to. My favorite line: “Women, they have stuff for their…stuff…why not us?” Well played sir, well played.

Ad note: I’ve got to hand it to the market research guys at Fresh Balls. They nailed their demographic with that ad placement.

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Youtubesday – Benny Benassi Satisfaction Redux

8 Mar

This video came through Twitter today via @80ape. This video cannot be unseen. Apparently it’s for a good cause, though. The video was made for Equal Pay Day, which “symbolizes how far into 2011 women must work to earn what men earned in 2010.” I guess the video is justified then.

Here’s the original that the above video spoofed. Hopefully this’ll clear your mind of what you just saw. Probably not. But hopefully.

Youtubesday: Boo you, CBS

15 Feb

So, for this Youtubesday, I thought I’d capitalize on mushmouth LA reporter Serene Branson that completely screwed up her Grammy intro. By now, I’m sure everyone’s seen the clip of her making up her own language on the fly, but I thought I’d post it here as well. However, CBS has decided to ruin all the fun everyone was having with this video, and took down every copy of the clip on YouTube that they find. We are now presented with this:


That’s really frustrating, because this clip was hilarious. Poor management CBS – the damage is done, stop trying to cover it up. Now, instead of a viral hit, you get people incessantly trying to put the video up, wasting your time. So, you can find the clip if you so desire, and I’ll leave you with this live action Mario Brothers act from yesteryear.


Youtubesday – Two Loathed Figures

25 Jan

This week features two of the most polarizing figures in sports. People love ’em, people hate ’em, but there really is no middle ground. Personally? Not a fan of either. But first, a message from Scot Pollard, former NBA character:

First up, Brett Favre. A pretty good remix of the LeBron Rise commercial, and all around entertaining. The end is worth sticking around for. By the way, I’m glad he’s done with football.

Second, Shaun White had an interview with some British guy in China on CNN. Yea, I know, British guys, China, and CNN are the first things I think of when I hear Shaun White too.

(I tried to embed the video, but CNN doesn’t feel like playing nice. Watch it here if you must.)

It’s pretty long, and I really can’t blame you if you don’t stick around until the end. To me, he came off as a smarmy douche. Part of me just wanted to say smarmy, but there was something about his attitude that just really bothered me, something way too conceited. If you want a better review, head over to Rumorator’s thoughts, posted on YoBeat.

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11 Jan


By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the epic Marshawn Lynch run in that Saints Seahawks game this weekend. You know, the one that supposedly caused an earthquake. Well, some brilliant person decided to add some Mario sound effects to the run. Enjoy.

(via Rich B./Facebook)

Also, in the newest update of Google Goggles, 1.3, the program can solve Sudoku puzzles. Just take a picture of the puzzle, and let Goggle Goggles do the rest. I’ve tried it out myself, and it’s impressive.

Oh, and here’s a sweet picture of the lil fella Earl Boykins. I don’t care if it’s Photoshopped. It’s awesome.

Earl Motherfucking Boykins

Youtubesday – OK Go Last Leaf

16 Nov

Youtubesday LogoYoutubesday makes it’s triumphant return with OK Go’s latest video, Last Leaf. I’m not too hot on the song, but the video itself is pretty awesome. As long as you don’t think about how many people could have been fed by this.

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