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First 3 Trips of the Year – Snow, Blue and Creek

13 Jan

Got an epic trip to Whiteface coming up this weekend. It’s also the type of trip where the shenanigans will be going unreported. However, I will do my best to remember the on-mountain conditions and experience and relay that the best I can, considering Whiteface is typically somewhere people tend to want to know about. I’m banking on it being fantastic. In honor of this trip, I’ve decided it’s about damn time I got around to putting a little bit down about my first 3 trips of the season.

Mount Snow LogoSet-up
Board: Rome Agent (154 I believe. Can’t remember exactly.)

Binding: Burton Custom
Boot: Rome Libertine
Crew: Dayna, Alan, Mat, Malarky, Jenn, Pat

This trip was in mid-December, and I was thoroughly impressed with the conditions. The snow was extremely well tended, and the trails weren’t icy at all. They open up the easier trails first, opposite of what most places do, and that was great for Dayna, who’s still learning to ride. However, they also had enough trails open to satisfy the rest of the crew while Dayna got the feel of riding back. Great conditions for early season, but unfortunately, Day 2 was rained out.

Blue Mountain Pennsylvania LogoSetup
Board: DC PBJ 151
Binding: Burton Custom
Boot: Rome Libertine
Crew: Dayna, Jenn, Pat

I’ve avoided the Poconos as much as possible the past couple years, especially since I was living in Vermont, but my return wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was still relatively early in the season, and the lift lines weren’t as bad as I remember them. The trails were icy, but the sides were stacked with the soft stuff. By the end of the day, everything had been moved over to the sides, and it was good riding over there. They had a varied amount of terrain open, and I occupied myself with random hits along the sides of trails while Dayna stuck to the middle and really started to get the hang of carving. By the end of the day she had moved up to harder terrain – nothing better than seeing someone progress.

Mountain Creek LogoSetup
Board: Rome Agent Rocker AC 157
Binding: Rome Targa
Boot: Rome Libertine
Crew: Dayna

This was my first trip to Mountain Creek, and my first day as a total Rome fanboy. I didn’t really get a great first impression, but I blame the conditions more than the mountain, though – 50 degrees and misting in January doesn’t make for the best time on the slopes. It was also a very hung over trip on New Year’s Day, so that played a role. I did get a chance to ride a variety of trails thanks to Dayna’s progression, and the terrain was better than I expected (which, admittedly, wasn’t much). However, I do want to give it another shot in better conditions, as I do see some potential. Now that my DC MLF came in, I’ll have to head to the park with it and see what Mountain Creek has to offer. Still have yet to get in the park this year, but I’m okay with that. A lot of people I ride with have season passes to Creek, and the more I reflect on the trip, the more I’m looking forward to getting back up there.

Overall, not a bad start to the season, but I have a feeling Whiteface is going to blow these trips away. Super stoked.


Moving Week

20 Sep

It’s moving week! I’ll post when I can, which probably won’t be much as I get ready to leave Vermont. I had a great weekend down in Jersey, going to my cousin’s wedding and then stopping by the TKE house for the first time in months. I was shocked that they finally have a decent house again – how we still get landlords to give us a place to live is beyond me. Maybe this house won’t get trashed immediately and eviction won’t be eminent.

I’ll update on the move as I can.

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