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I Really Miss Snowboarding

23 Jun

Sugarbush spring 2010At the gym today, one of the TVs was tuned to Versus. On Versus, they had decided to show some some crappy rail jam. Normally, I’m more into all mountain riding, in video and in person. However, I couldn’t look away. The tricks weren’t even all that great, and the set up looked tiny and cramped. I’m pretty sure it was one of those truck-snow-into-a-city-and-put-some-hits-up kind of rail jam, but it didn’t matter. It just made me realize how much I miss snowboarding. And how jealous I am of these people:

A couple of the guys I worked with at the shop this winter have been out to HCSC in Mt. Hood, Oregon, one as a photographer, one as a camper, and both raved about the place. It may have had something to do with the fact that they were snowboarding while it was 98 and humid in New Jersey, but it seems like an incredible experience. I know it’ll never happen, but I really would love to get to HCSC at least once in my life. I don’t hit the park most of the time, but I still want to go, it’d be a great place to learn. Hell, I’d love to snowboard anywhere other than the Ice Coast at some point in my life. That’s a much more realistic goal, but as of right now, I just really miss snowboarding. Summer is overrated.


Board Thoughts: Rome Agent Rocker AC

27 May

So I never hit post on this. Whoops. Wrote this back in the winter, but here it is, my Rome Agent Rocker AC review:

Board: Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection 157
Binding: Rome Targa
Boot: Rome Libertine
Location: Whiteface – Lake Placid, NY

Over MLK weekend a group of friends and I went up to Whiteface in Lake Placid, NY. This was a great chance to really test my new board, the Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection, as well as a poor choice in mountains to break it in at. This board has gained some notoriety for it’s graphic, and honestly is one of the reasons I had to have it. I was going to buy an Agent Rocker this year no matter what, but when they showed the Addictive Collection line for this year, my mind was made up. It features the “Last Supper” starring people who died in 2009. From tip to tail, the board features Les Paul, David Carradine, Billy Mays, Dom DeLuise, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Patrick Swayze, DJ AM and Ted Kennedy.

It was my first time on a rocker board, and it took some getting used to. I knew the difference would be there, I just didn’t realize how extreme the difference was. Being a longer board, and in the Agent family, the board absolutely flew down the mountain. It also responded very well when turning at high speeds, much better than it responded riding slower speeds. There was a bit of chatter, but nothing too harsh, and that might have had more to do with the conditions than the board. Every now and then I’d feel like the board was going to wash out on a carve, but it always held. It did everything I asked it to; it was just a matter of me not trusting the board. When we were getting along, it was incredible. When I started to doubt the board, obviously things went wrong. This board is going to be fantastic once I learn to trust it, and I’m really excited about how much this stick can do.

UPDATE: Having ridden the board numerous times since writing this in February, it’s incredible. Fast and smooth, with a solid amount of pop, this board is great to take all over the mountain. While the board is a bit stiff for the park, it’s great for hitting natural features on the sides of trails/in the woods.

Scotty Lago, Your 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist

28 Jan

A few quick thoughts from watching about an hour total of the X Games tonight. Didn’t catch any of them last night, but I have a feeling I didn’t miss much.

• A 15 year old won silver in ski Superpipe. 15. Jesus.

• Massive methods still rule. Good to see Ross Powers medal.

• ZOMG Shaun White didn’t qualify for the slopestyle finals! The world is ending! Or at least ESPN would have you believing that, after showing that little fact on the bottom line every two minutes. Ciao, ratings.

• Shaun White also apparently didn’t win gold in Superpipe at the 2010 Winter Olympics. According to this graphic shown during Big Air, that honor went to Scotty Lago. Fun fact, Soctty Lago and I were born on the same day.

Scotty Lago Gold Medal

• After pulling off a triple cork to land the ender in The Storming, Torstein stomped a triple cork in competition. Tuned out before that, but I bet the first one was cooler.

(Side note: The vuvuzela in The Storming going off while he does this makes it that much better.)

Got the MLF mounted up with my old Burton Customs, and I’ll be up at Mountain Creek on Sunday. Maybe my first foray into the park this year? Possibly. Should be fun though, and I’m looking forward to riding the MLF and giving Creek another shot after it’s unimpressive debut in my life.

Youtubesday – Two Loathed Figures

25 Jan

This week features two of the most polarizing figures in sports. People love ’em, people hate ’em, but there really is no middle ground. Personally? Not a fan of either. But first, a message from Scot Pollard, former NBA character:

First up, Brett Favre. A pretty good remix of the LeBron Rise commercial, and all around entertaining. The end is worth sticking around for. By the way, I’m glad he’s done with football.

Second, Shaun White had an interview with some British guy in China on CNN. Yea, I know, British guys, China, and CNN are the first things I think of when I hear Shaun White too.

(I tried to embed the video, but CNN doesn’t feel like playing nice. Watch it here if you must.)

It’s pretty long, and I really can’t blame you if you don’t stick around until the end. To me, he came off as a smarmy douche. Part of me just wanted to say smarmy, but there was something about his attitude that just really bothered me, something way too conceited. If you want a better review, head over to Rumorator’s thoughts, posted on YoBeat.

Follow me on Twitter @andrewensminger, and yes, I know that’s not really Brett Favre.

Resort Retrospect – Whiteface

24 Jan

whiteface lake placid logoSetup
Board: Rome Agent Rocker AC 157
Bindings: Rome Targa
Boots: Rome Libertine
Crew: A lot of people. Krantz and Malarky from past trips.

Over MLK weekend, I had the chance to head to Lake Placid and ride at Whiteface, and I have to say, the mountain is no joke. The terrain is unlike anything I’ve ridden in the East; it was actually challenging no matter the run. However, there did seem to be some learnable terrain towards the bottom, and some of the mid mountain lifts had terrain suited for intermediate skiers and riders. There wasWhiteface from the parking lot a place for everyone to go, whether you want to get started or really push yourself. I didn’t really go to the park, since that’s not my thing (but I am hoping to make moves there later this season), but on a lift-by it looked serviceable. The park isn’t really Whiteface’s focus, and it really shouldn’t be yours if you’re there. The mountain has so much to offer, you’ll get the most out of your time exploring the mountain.

View from Little Whiteface

One thing that is important to me is the scenery and atmosphere around, and at Whiteface it was incredible. I like to take a minute before I start a run and look around at the landscape below and just appreciate what I see and what I’m doing. Not everyone does what we do, and sees what we see at the top of a mountain, and I think it’s important to soak it in before every run. Taking a minute to just chill sets the tone for the run and day, and it’s a nice break from the fast paced real world. Whiteface didn’t disappoint in this area, and every now and then I would get those “wow” moments, where I look around mid-run and am in awe. We got lucky with the conditions, with them having received a foot and a half of snow a few days earlier and no wind. Snow also started to fall around noon, so there was a fresh coat on all the trails. Apparently this is rare for Whiteface, so I feel fortunate having to the experience I did. I really can’t wait to get back there next year, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a long weekend trip.

Whiteface Summit


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Whiteface 2011

20 Jan

Every year, the alumni who revitalized my fraternity on campus go on a trip to Whiteface. This year was my first time on the trip, and fourth trip overall. The trip isn’t really a snowboarding trip, more of a vacation with snowboarding involved, since you can’t stay 20 minutes from Whiteface and not go check it out. The land is absolutely gorgeous up there, and it was a great time. We stayed at a cabinsion (cabin/mansion mix), and we really couldn’t have picked a better place; just check out the pictures. Other than the Patriots losing on Sunday, it was an amazing weekend. A ton of fun and shenanigans, and just great to see everyone again after graduating. I’ve got a mountain and board review written up, so look for those soon. Quick synopsis: Whiteface is a hell of a mountain and highly recommended, and the Agent Rocker is a serious board and a blast to ride. For now, enjoy some shots I took while up at Whiteface!

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First Trip Booked

28 Nov

First trip of the year has been booked – December 10-12 up at Mount Snow. I heard reports of the conditions from someone who went up, and considering it was opening weekend, said things are looking good there. I’m really excited to finally have a date to start the season, considering most everyone else I know of who rides already has a few days under their belt. I’ve been getting jealous.

On a side note, I really hope my new set up comes in before I head up. I’ve got the Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection coming, as well as the Targa bindings. This will be the first time in years that I have new gear to ride, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The season needs to start immediately. Who out there has days and where at?

Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection 157Rome Targa Binding 2011

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