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The Insanity That Is SCUBA Diving

13 Jun

SCUBA v16 finsThis past week, I began my SCUBA certification course, which will get me certified to dive up to 60 feet. First was a four and a half hour intro course into SCUBA diving, and honestly, I think about half of the class was dedicated to how not to die. Then was the first of two pool sessions, where they demonstrated and allowed us to practice how not to die. The fact that the majority of these two sessions was dedicated to continuing to live, it’s pretty incredible that SCUBA diving is still a sport in the first place.

Think about the people who first said, “hey, I’d like to breathe underwater.” Without today’s technology, how were they not all doomed? And when people did die, why did people continue to say, “you know what, Chuck may have died, but I think I’ve got this one covered. I can breathe underwater.” It’s such an unnatural thing for a human being to do, and I guess it’s human nature to want to figure out how to do it even more. To those guys who figured it all out, I’d like to say thanks for sticking it out. SCUBA diving is some serious shit, and I’m glad I can just learn and do it, and don’t have to figure it out for myself.

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