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Kissing Vancouver Couple Remixed

16 Jun

By now, everyone has seen the famous photo of the kissing Vancouver couple from the riots last night (which is apparently a fake. UPDATE: Or it may not be! The plot thickens.) As Mashable pointed out, this picture is ripe for a meme. So let’s have at it, shall we?

Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

The original photo. Rich Lam/Getty Images

Sadaam statue falling vancouver kissing couple

It's a long way from Vancouver to Iraq.

Micael Jordan foul line dunk vancouver kissing couple

Hopefully they get out of the way in time.

Black panthers olympics vancouver kissing couple

Apparently they've got this time travel thing down.

Seen any others? Link to them in the comments, or post your ideas there.


Peter Gammons Loves Cougars

31 Jan

Of all the things for a Hall of Fame reporter to wonder about with the crisis in Egypt, Peter Gammons is concerned about the cougar dating scene in Cairo:

Fantastic. I don’t care what the reason for the tweet is, either an ad or senility is my guess, but this is the reason I followed the man. I had heard of him putting up some ridiculous stuff, and just picturing him sitting there on ESPN or NESN asking what will come of makes me laugh. Good stuff, Peter, keep it up.

A “historic” snowstorm is supposedly hitting the country from Oklahoma over, but for once it looks like Jersey will be spared. Honestly, I’d rather have a foot of snow than a half inch of ice followed by 34º and rain, but no such luck this time. Enjoy it, those of you who have been lacking for snow this year.

Whiteface 2011

20 Jan

Every year, the alumni who revitalized my fraternity on campus go on a trip to Whiteface. This year was my first time on the trip, and fourth trip overall. The trip isn’t really a snowboarding trip, more of a vacation with snowboarding involved, since you can’t stay 20 minutes from Whiteface and not go check it out. The land is absolutely gorgeous up there, and it was a great time. We stayed at a cabinsion (cabin/mansion mix), and we really couldn’t have picked a better place; just check out the pictures. Other than the Patriots losing on Sunday, it was an amazing weekend. A ton of fun and shenanigans, and just great to see everyone again after graduating. I’ve got a mountain and board review written up, so look for those soon. Quick synopsis: Whiteface is a hell of a mountain and highly recommended, and the Agent Rocker is a serious board and a blast to ride. For now, enjoy some shots I took while up at Whiteface!

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First Snow of the Season

16 Dec

The first snow of the season hit Philadelphia just in time for rush hour today. It’s been frigid here lately, so the snow actually stuck to the road. Apparently, when snow sticks to the road, NO ONE REMEMBERS HOW TO DRIVE. You would think that with the record amount of snow that fell last year, drivers in the area would have learned a thing or two about driving in the snow. Well, if they did, it has all been forgotten by now. My drive to job #2, which usually takes 40 minutes, took a whopping TWO HOURS for me to make today. The drive home/to Dayna’s, which normally takes about 25 minutes, took nearly an hour. As of 7:45 P.M., there was still traffic on 295, presumably left over from rush hour.

To the drivers of the Philly area: I know driving in snow, and the ice that it turned into, isn’t an easy task. But that doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden okay to jam up at lights, block the box, and generally wreak havoc on the roads. You’re probably in a rush, but oddly enough, have a little patience and you’ll probably end up where you want to be faster. And for those of you that insist on causing problems, thinking your four wheel drive is invulnerable to the conditions, I hope you end up like this guy:

At least the snow makes everything look nicer, and means winter is truly here, otherwise I would have lost my mind. Apologies for the caps lock.

Back! Maybe…

15 Nov

Alright, so I know I’ve slacked since putting up the moving post, but life gets busy sometimes. In Vermont, I would come home from work and have absolutely nothing to do until it was time to go to bed. It was kinda sad, I know, but it was also very conducive to writing since I had so much time to kill. Now, back in Jersey, I find myself constantly busy, or when I’m not busy I don’t want to be in front of a computer since I’m constantly in front of one all day. However, I do oddly find myself missing writing on here, and taking the time to reflect on what goes on in my life, or in the world in general. So, I will be trying to get back to this after a month hiatus.

A quick update of the bigger things that have happened. I was lucky enough to find a job in this economy, and am now the Media Relations Manager at a company in Philly. The main reason I’m so busy, however, is because I also picked up a second job in a snowboard shop. I left Vermont behind but still wanted to be involved in the snowboard scene, and I figured this would be the best way to do it. It means a lot less free time, but I’ve found that there’s actually a really solid snowboard scene in South Jersey, and I’m stoked to become a part of it.

The first Vermont trip of the year is tentatively scheduled for December 10 up to Killington. Hopefully everything comes through and we’re able to make that trip. I’m pretty jealous of the snow they already have up there and can’t wait to get back out on the hill. I’m also very happy with the decision I made to come back to Jersey – things are really working out.

Ash and Misty Pokemon Halloween Costome

Dayna and I on Halloween as Ash and Misty from Pokemon


12 Sep

Over Labor Day, Dayna and I went to Baltimore for a mini vacation. Baltimore is a great city – very walkable and plenty to do. We stayed 3 blocks down from Camden Yards in the Sheraton, so had to take in an Orioles game against the Tampa Bay Rays. We went to the National Aquarium and just explored what the Inner Harbor and city had to offer. We also discovered Power Plant Live, which had a great nightlife scene with a stage and plenty of bars to choose from. The trip ended with what may have been food poisoning, but the food was delicious (especially Mama’s on the Half Shell and we had a great time overall. If you’re looking for some place a bit different to go to, and a reasonably priced city, I highly recommend checking out Baltimore.

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Farewell Vermont, You Will Be Missed

8 Sep
Over the past year, I’ve had a great experience moving out and living on my own in Vermont. I’ve liked what I’ve done in my career, met some great people, and thoroughly enjoyed the snowboarding. However, during the past year, my perspective in life has changed, as have my priorities. When I left, I wanted to try something new and go out on a limb, as well as snowboard as much as possible while I can. I’ve successfully done this, but events over the course of the past year have made me reconsider what truly is important in life.
After a lot of thought, and a lot of switching back and forth, I have decided I will be moving back to Jersey at the end of the month. It is a bittersweet decision, and there is a lot I will miss about Vermont. The weather, the scenery, the people I’ve met, have all been amazing and will be missed. But as I said before, I have realized how important it is to stay close to family and friends, and feel that the best decision is to move back to Jersey. Vermont, it’s been great, and I will be back, but it’s time to start new in an old place.
View of Okemo
I don’t think I’ll ever have an apartment with a better view.
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