About Nonsensical/Pontification

A blend of the meaningful and meaningless, mostly the latter. Occasionally touching on things of actual importance, this blog is mainly a collection of my random thoughts on life, and serves as an outlet for those thoughts. Writing, or typing, has an almost therapeutic quality to it, and this is where I take advantage of that. Snowboarding and sports in general is what I am most passionate about, and what I tend to write about, but I’ll mix in entertaining things I find, some comedy, and news and opinion every once in awhile.

Where penguins meet polar bears

Polar bears are jerks.

About Me

I was born in New Jersey, lived in Brentwood, NY, and moved back to South Jersey. I graduated from Rowan University with a BA in Advertising, on time. Quite a feat these days. After graduating, I moved to Vermont to snowboard. I didn’t see a moose, which was disappointing. Now, I’m back in South Jersey, where I definitely won’t see a moose, and working in media relations in Philly. I moonlight at a snowboard shop in winter, or at least I did this past winter, to pay for my habit. This summer I start SCUBA diving. So that should be fun.

Follow me on Twitter @andrewenzy, or feel free to contact me. Want to use something you see here? Just give credit, and preferably a link.

Smiling Moose

There's a moose.


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