What an Odd Stanley Cup Finals It’s Been

15 Jun

The NHL really couldn’t have asked for anything more this year in the Stanley Cup finals between the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins. A Canadian team has a shot to bring the Stanley Cup back home for the first time since 1993. A “traditional” (read: Original Six) team is trying to win their first cup since 1972. And there has been no lack of drama, as this series is going to seven games. It’s also been a physical series, which can only do good things for the league’s popularity. Let’s take a look at the first six games, all won by the home team.

Game 1, in Vancouver: Canucks 1, Bruins 0
Game 2, in Vancouver: Canucks 3, Bruins 2 – OT
Game 3, in Boston: Bruins 8, Canucks 1
Game 4, in Boston: Bruins 4, Canucks 0
Game 5, in Vancouver: Canucks 1, Bruins 0
Game 6, in Boston: Bruins 5, Canucks 2

You may be noticing a trend here – either the Bruins can only score in the United States, or Roberto Luongo is only a good goalie in Canada. The games played in Vancouver have each been one goal games, with the Bruins scoring just two goals to the Canucks five. The games in Boston, however, have been a completely different story. All five were Bruin blowouts, by a combined score of 17-3. Clearly, home ice has been a huge advantage in this series, yet the one theme that has carried on no matter where the game is played is the Canucks inability to score. Even so, they have prevailed in every home game, which Game 7 is. This game is different though. The Bruins have responded in every must win situation (Game 3, down two games to none, and Game 6, for obvious reasons), and I think they will again.

The 8-1 beat down after the filthy Horton/Rome hit.

Will the Bruins finally bring their offense with them to Vancouver? Will Luongo remember how to get in front of a puck? Let’s see your Game 7 predictions in the comments.


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