Board Thoughts: Rome Agent Rocker AC

27 May

So I never hit post on this. Whoops. Wrote this back in the winter, but here it is, my Rome Agent Rocker AC review:

Board: Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection 157
Binding: Rome Targa
Boot: Rome Libertine
Location: Whiteface – Lake Placid, NY

Over MLK weekend a group of friends and I went up to Whiteface in Lake Placid, NY. This was a great chance to really test my new board, the Rome Agent Rocker Addictive Collection, as well as a poor choice in mountains to break it in at. This board has gained some¬†notoriety for it’s graphic, and honestly is one of the reasons I had to have it. I was going to buy an Agent Rocker this year no matter what, but when they showed the Addictive Collection line for this year, my mind was made up. It features the “Last Supper” starring people who died in 2009. From tip to tail, the board features Les Paul, David Carradine, Billy Mays, Dom DeLuise, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Patrick Swayze, DJ AM and Ted Kennedy.

It was my first time on a rocker board, and it took some getting used to. I knew the difference would be there, I just didn’t realize how extreme the difference was. Being a longer board, and in the Agent family, the board absolutely flew down the mountain. It also responded very well when turning at high speeds, much better than it responded riding slower speeds. There was a bit of chatter, but nothing too harsh, and that might have had more to do with the conditions than the board. Every now and then I’d feel like the board was going to wash out on a carve, but it always held. It did everything I asked it to; it was just a matter of me not trusting the board. When we were getting along, it was incredible. When I started to doubt the board, obviously things went wrong. This board is going to be fantastic once I learn to trust it, and I’m really excited about how much this stick can do.

UPDATE: Having ridden the board numerous times since writing this in February, it’s incredible. Fast and smooth, with a solid amount of pop, this board is great to take all over the mountain. While the board is a bit stiff for the park, it’s great for hitting natural features on the sides of trails/in the woods.


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