So, Osama bin Laden is Dead

2 May

Obama Osama meme

A few thoughts:

    • I was at the Phillies/Mets game last night when everyone found out. The USA chants gave me chills. It was an incredible moment to experience with 45,000 other people. I’ll never forget where I was, just like I’ll never forget watching the second tower come down. Obama said it best – justice has been served.
    • I feel like this was more of a symbol than anything. A very powerful symbol, but a symbol nonetheless. This does not mean that terrorism is over. Unfortunately, I think something awful could happen, as al Qaeda probably wants to send a message now more than ever.
    • Twitter is the most entertaining place around to find news. A great mix of facts and humor, I don’t know if I would have wanted to find out any other way. Check out some of the tweets coming down the line last night:

      There were definitely some good ones out there, along with the serious ones that, you know, conveyed real news. It was a show of unity on an unexpected front. Oh, and Jack Bauer was trending, so that was fun. Here are some newspaper headlines, gathered by Mashable for you old media types. Some good ones in there, as well.

    • Celebrating Osama’s death DOES NOT make us the same as the terrorists who celebrate innocent lives being lost. One major difference stands out: they were celebrating over 3,000 civilians being killed. We’re celebrating one mass murderer being killed.
    • I really, really hope this means that my friends, and all the troops overseas, can start coming home – and stop being sent back over there. Thank you for your service. 
It’s going to be very interesting to see what this turns into, especially with how much information we recovered from his home and the Pakistan government drama. I’m excited as to what this event could mean, but also wary of what it may bring upon us. So, where were you when you found out the news?

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