Youtubesday – Gorilla Warfare and Dunks

22 Feb

The NBA All-Star weekend, or Black Thanksgiving, was this weekend, and with it came the fanfare of the dunk contest. Even though it was blatantly set up for Blake Griffin to win, Kia and all, it still produced some pretty cool dunks. And, as with everything, the dunks are much cooler in slow motion. Super slow motion. The NBA shot with a Phantom camera, and slowed down a few of them dunks. First up, the coolest of the three: Demar Derozan’s second dunk.

Next, Blake Griffin’s sponsored dunk. As rigged as it was, it looks pretty awesome in slow motion.

They also did Javale McGee’s double dunk. It was alright. Side note to the contest, Demar Derozan wants a purer dunk contest (no props). I’d have to agree.

This video stars top NFL prospects acting like second grade girls. I’m not sure if this will ever not be funny. Mel Kiper Jr. has already dropped every one of these guys on his draftboard.


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