Peter Gammons Loves Cougars

31 Jan

Of all the things for a Hall of Fame reporter to wonder about with the crisis in Egypt, Peter Gammons is concerned about the cougar dating scene in Cairo:

Fantastic. I don’t care what the reason for the tweet is, either an ad or senility is my guess, but this is the reason I followed the man. I had heard of him putting up some ridiculous stuff, and just picturing him sitting there on ESPN or NESN asking what will come of makes me laugh. Good stuff, Peter, keep it up.

A “historic” snowstorm is supposedly hitting the country from Oklahoma over, but for once it looks like Jersey will be spared. Honestly, I’d rather have a foot of snow than a half inch of ice followed by 34º and rain, but no such luck this time. Enjoy it, those of you who have been lacking for snow this year.


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