Youtubesday – Two Loathed Figures

25 Jan

This week features two of the most polarizing figures in sports. People love ’em, people hate ’em, but there really is no middle ground. Personally? Not a fan of either. But first, a message from Scot Pollard, former NBA character:

First up, Brett Favre. A pretty good remix of the LeBron Rise commercial, and all around entertaining. The end is worth sticking around for. By the way, I’m glad he’s done with football.

Second, Shaun White had an interview with some British guy in China on CNN. Yea, I know, British guys, China, and CNN are the first things I think of when I hear Shaun White too.

(I tried to embed the video, but CNN doesn’t feel like playing nice. Watch it here if you must.)

It’s pretty long, and I really can’t blame you if you don’t stick around until the end. To me, he came off as a smarmy douche. Part of me just wanted to say smarmy, but there was something about his attitude that just really bothered me, something way too conceited. If you want a better review, head over to Rumorator’s thoughts, posted on YoBeat.

Follow me on Twitter @andrewensminger, and yes, I know that’s not really Brett Favre.


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