Resort Retrospect – Whiteface

24 Jan

whiteface lake placid logoSetup
Board: Rome Agent Rocker AC 157
Bindings: Rome Targa
Boots: Rome Libertine
Crew: A lot of people. Krantz and Malarky from past trips.

Over MLK weekend, I had the chance to head to Lake Placid and ride at Whiteface, and I have to say, the mountain is no joke. The terrain is unlike anything I’ve ridden in the East; it was actually challenging no matter the run. However, there did seem to be some learnable terrain towards the bottom, and some of the mid mountain lifts had terrain suited for intermediate skiers and riders. There wasWhiteface from the parking lot a place for everyone to go, whether you want to get started or really push yourself. I didn’t really go to the park, since that’s not my thing (but I am hoping to make moves there later this season), but on a lift-by it looked serviceable. The park isn’t really Whiteface’s focus, and it really shouldn’t be yours if you’re there. The mountain has so much to offer, you’ll get the most out of your time exploring the mountain.

View from Little Whiteface

One thing that is important to me is the scenery and atmosphere around, and at Whiteface it was incredible. I like to take a minute before I start a run and look around at the landscape below and just appreciate what I see and what I’m doing. Not everyone does what we do, and sees what we see at the top of a mountain, and I think it’s important to soak it in before every run. Taking a minute to just chill sets the tone for the run and day, and it’s a nice break from the fast paced real world. Whiteface didn’t disappoint in this area, and every now and then I would get those “wow” moments, where I look around mid-run and am in awe. We got lucky with the conditions, with them having received a foot and a half of snow a few days earlier and no wind. Snow also started to fall around noon, so there was a fresh coat on all the trails. Apparently this is rare for Whiteface, so I feel fortunate having to the experience I did. I really can’t wait to get back there next year, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a long weekend trip.

Whiteface Summit


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