Luck, Picks and the Jersey Shore

8 Jan

Here’s how bad things have gotten in Carolina: after finishing 2-14 and being awarded the top pick in the draft, they declared they would take Andrew Luck. Hearing this, Andrew luck decided he would be better off returning to Stanford. I can’t say that I blame him, I even said that the Panthers made the decision for him.!/andrewensminger/status/22691154789142528

The kicker is, Jim Harbaugh, Luck’s coach at Stanford, (and probably a factor in Luck’s decision), decided he was going to bolt to the NFL. I really don’t have a comment, other than what a douche. Way to leave the guy who in all likelihood got you that NFL head coaching gig out to dry. This year he’s slated to go #1; next year with a new coach/offensive system, his stock could slide. Yes, it’s a risk Luck took not declaring for the draft, but still, what a jerk move. Rome would be proud. Yes, I’m all over them this year. #fanboy

Quick picks for this weekend, before the games get started, my pick in bold:

Saints at Seahawks – The Seahawks are awful, just awful. It’s embarrassing that they got into the playoffs at 7-9, but what may be more embarrassing is that no one in that division was better.

Jets at Colts – The Colts should play the entire game barefoot to distract Sexy Rexy.

Ravens at Chiefs – Any money Matt Cassell gets should be split 50-50 with Brandon Pollard. Oh, and **** you Pollard. #stillbitter

Packers at Eagles – Supposed to be a windy one in Philly tomorrow night, but if anyone can throw a ball that cuts through the wind, it’s Vick. If throwing isn’t an option, I hear Vick is a pretty good choice to run it, too.

Caught the first episode of Jersey Shore (guilty pleasure), and wow, did this season go downhill fast. Faster than usual, at least. Normally it’s a couple episodes before dissent among the ranks turns everything hostile, but right off the bat this season it’s out of control. A few thoughts: New Girl sucks, Sammi was completely within her right to laugh at New Girl, Situation will be spending a lot of time in the smush room (but not getting laid), and Pauly D remains the man.


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