First Snow of the Season

16 Dec

The first snow of the season hit Philadelphia just in time for rush hour today. It’s been frigid here lately, so the snow actually stuck to the road. Apparently, when snow sticks to the road, NO ONE REMEMBERS HOW TO DRIVE. You would think that with the record amount of snow that fell last year, drivers in the area would have learned a thing or two about driving in the snow. Well, if they did, it has all been forgotten by now. My drive to job #2, which usually takes 40 minutes, took a whopping TWO HOURS for me to make today. The drive home/to Dayna’s, which normally takes about 25 minutes, took nearly an hour. As of 7:45 P.M., there was still traffic on 295, presumably left over from rush hour.

To the drivers of the Philly area: I know driving in snow, and the ice that it turned into, isn’t an easy task. But that doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden okay to jam up at lights, block the box, and generally wreak havoc on the roads. You’re probably in a rush, but oddly enough, have a little patience and you’ll probably end up where you want to be faster. And for those of you that insist on causing problems, thinking your four wheel drive is invulnerable to the conditions, I hope you end up like this guy:

At least the snow makes everything look nicer, and means winter is truly here, otherwise I would have lost my mind. Apologies for the caps lock.


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