The Gnar Jar

13 Sep

Gnar Jar Injured Riders Foundation FundLast winter, I went through the entire season like a lot of riders do – without health insurance. Luckily, I didn’t get seriously injured, but if I had, I’m glad there are organizations like the Injured Riders Foundation around. What the IRF does is “support injured riders hurt while participating in the art of action sports. The foundation helps offset expenses for underinsured/uninsured injured riders by assisting with their health care costs, prescription costs, and rehabilitation costs.”¬†¬†Since medical bills tend to be ridiculously high, they run fundraisers, the latest of which being the GnarJar. Basically, the GnarJar is a jar filled with bands similar to Livestrong ones. These jars will be/are placed in shops and bands will be sold for just $2, with proceeds going to the IRF. It’s an easy, and cheap, way to help out those hurt doing what they love, so if you see one of these around, spare the two bucks and pick up a band. You never know, the next person they help could be someone you know.


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