A Trip North

30 Aug

I’ve decided that I will focus my blogging efforts on just this site, and this time I will really be trying to update more frequently. Since, I haven’t been updating, I haven’t had the chance to post the picture from Dayna and I’s trip up to the Ben and Jerry’s factory and Burlington, VT. The Ben and Jerry’s factory was cool to see again, and compare it to what I remembered from trips I took up when I was much younger. Later on, we went to Burlington, and even though it was an overcast day, Burlington is still a great place to be.

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry's Tour EntranceBen and Jerry's Factory

At Ben and Jerry’s we took a factory tour, and lucky for us the tour was free with a check in on Foursquare. It’s great to see different ways companies are using social media, and even though it only saved us a few bucks, it was a nice surprise to get. We had a bit of time to kill before the tour started though, so we went to the flavor graveyard. The flavor grave yard is where Ben and Jerry’s memorializes all the old flavors that they have stopped production on.

Ben and Jerry's Flavor GraveyardBen and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

The tour consisted of a short video of the history of the company, followed by an explanation of the ice cream making process. They have a crows nest type viewing room above the actual factory that lets you watch the ice cream being made (it wasn’t being made the day we were there) as the process is being explained. They don’t allow you to take pictures in this room, apparently out of fear there may be some Häagen-Dazs spies among the group. After the process is explained, they take you down to the final stop of the tour, a sample of the flavor of the day. That day’s sample was, unfortunately for me, some triple caramel flavor. Of course, they did have plenty more options in their scoop shop.

Dayna's Ice CreamAndrew Eating Ben and Jerry's

After Ben and Jerry’s we headed up to Burlington for a late dinner. After a quick stop to visit a friend of Dayna’s at Stowe, we got to Burlington still stuffed from Ben and Jerry’s. To feel a bit better about ourselves, we decided to walk down along the waterfront and listen to the music from the festival that was going on at the time. Even though it was pretty overcast, it was still really peaceful to just walk along Lake Champlain and enjoy the music. After a while, we headed up to Church Street to get some dinner. Church Street is a pedestrian only road lined with shops and restaurants. It’s a great atmosphere to walk around in, especially on a warm summer night. We stopped at Sakura to get some sushi, trying what seemed like a bit of everything on the menu. Overall, it wasn’t the greatest sushi in the world (Mizu in Philly has that title for me), but it was definitely a good meal. We decided to see what else Church Street and the area around it had to offer after dinner before starting the two hour trek back to my apartment. Burlington is a great place with a good vibe around it, and I’d really like to spend more time there. If only it weren’t two hours away.

Enjoy the Lake Champlain pictures below – I really wish they had come out better (damn clouds), but the sky does look pretty sweet in some of them.

Note to WordPress: The ability to customize the slide show option would be great. This Slide.com site you support is awful. Thanks.


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