Life in a Day

24 Jul

Tonight at midnight starts the Life in a Day project by directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald. The goal is to have people from across the globe record segments of their day and post them on YouTube. The directors will then take the best parts and piece it all together into one movie, representing a time capsule of July 24, 2010. It seems like a cool project, and luckily I’m actually doing something fun tomorrow. Dayna and I are heading down to Six Flags New England to hit up the park and Hurricane Harbor. I’m thinking about filming a ride on one of the coasters, and seeing how that turns out. Who knows, maybe it’ll make it. Even if it doesn’t, which to be honest, my footage won’t, I still can’t wait to see the end result of Life in a Day.

By the way, if you have Android, check out the FXcamera app. It works as a regular camera, but also has settings to take pictures as a toy camera, polaroid camera, fisheye lens, symmetrical camera or their creation, an “AndyWarholizer.” It’s free and definitely worth a look. Here’s a pic of Max I took using the app.

pekingese on fxcamera

Maximus Jones-Drew

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One Response to “Life in a Day”

  1. Lee Ensminger July 24, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    Sounds like a cool project, hold onto your camera while filming on the ride.

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