23 Jun

Happy Birthday Mom!

Just a couple quick videos, and notes from the past couple days of World Cup play. Groups are being decided these next few days, and the US has a big game tomorrow. Win and we’re into the knockout stage. Can’t ask for more than controlling our own destiny. Also, I really like what the schedule does for the third game of group play. It has all 4 teams in a group with simultaneous kickoffs, so no team has the advantage of knowing what they need to do to advance. They have some thinkers over there.

An annoying emo kid gets LAID OUT by a Florida recruit. Skip towards the end if you just want to see the biggest hit of the video.

KG gives Craig Sager (you know him for his suits during NBA broadcasts) fashion advice. “Is there any part of this I can keep?” “No. None of it. So when you get done with this, you should be buttass naked. This should be burned.”

World Cup Results

Monday, June 21

Portugal 7:0 North Korea
Portugal just absolutely throttled North Korea.

Chile 1:0 Switzerland
Chile downs a surprisingly strong Swiss team to take control of their group.

Spain 2:0 Honduras
Spain picks up their first win after a disappointing first game, however Chile’s win sets up a potential Brazil vs. Spain round of 16 match.

Tuesday, June 22

France 1:2 South Africa
Bafana Bafana picks up a win for the home crowd, and further humiliates France. I think even the French are glad to see their team done at this point.

Mexico 0:1 Uruguay
Uruguay takes the group, with Mexico beating out South Africa on goal differential to take second and advance.

Greece 0:2 Argentina
Argentina runs through the group with 3 wins, securing first place and a match up with Mexico in the knockout round.

Nigeria 2:2 South Korea
South Korea picks up the point to take second in the group, locking them in for a match against red-hot Argentina. Nigeria avoided going home without picking up a point.

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