World Cup Results for June 18

18 Jun

The US played game two of their World Cup, and again pulled out a draw, this one of epic proportions. The US doesn’t have many memories in soccer, but I think this game will live on in US soccer lore. Again, the US gave up early goals, but came back strong in the second half, and, honestly, should have won. After Landon Donovan and the coach’s son Michael Bradley tied the game at 2, Maurice Edu scored what appeared to be the game winner, only to have it disallowed. The ref called a foul, but never said on who or what the foul was. I never thought I’d be this passionate about soccer, but watching the replay of that play made me sick. Alexi Lalas looked like he was near tears in the post game, and even the English announcers were saying it was a horrible call. The good thing, however, is that thanks to England’s lifeless tie with Algeria, the US controls their destiny. A win against Algeria Wednesday puts them through to the elimination round. 

The third game of the day saw Serbia upset a 10 man Germany. Klose was tossed with two yellows in the first half, and Serbia was able to upset the Germans.

Game Summaries

Germany 0:1 Serbia

Slovenia 2:2 United States

England 0:0 Algeria

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