The Uninformed World Cup Preview Pt. 2

11 Jun

Yesterday, I posted part one of my ill-informed World Cup preview. Now, on to the elimination rounds. I’ve just listed the match ups, with the winners in bold.

Second Round

Mexico vs. Nigeria
Nigeria will essentially have home games throughout the tournament, but I think Mexico overcomes that and goes to the Quarters

Argentina vs. France
Good riddance France. I will never be convinced you belonged in the World Cup to begin with.

England vs. Australia
It’s like the soccer version of The Longest Yard, but the guards will win this one.

Germany vs. United States
With Ballack, I think Germany wins. Without him? I think the US can pull this one out.

Netherlands vs. Paraguay
Those orange jerseys are just too much for Paraguay to look at, and the Dutch move on.

Italy vs. Cameroon
Italy is just too powerful for Cameroon.

Brazil vs. Honduras
Brazil could win this one by 3. No problem for them.

Spain vs. Portugal
A killer match up of 2 and 3 in the world in only the second round. Spain pulls it out and makes the quarters.


Mexico vs. England
England moves on to the semis, Beckham continues to be overrated in the US.

Argentina vs. United States
I really wish I could put the US through to the semis, but I just don’t see another miracle run like the Confederations Cup.

Netherlands vs. Brazil
Oranje’s run ends against the unfairly talented team from Brazil.

Italy vs. Spain
Even with that creep Buffon in goal, I think Spain moves on to the semis.


England vs. Brazil
After building their nation’s hopes, England crushes the country’s population again.

Argentina vs. Spain
Spain keeps their run going, setting up what should have also been the Confederation Cup final.


Brazil vs. Spain
Anything less than a championship would just be a disappointment for Brazil.

There you have it, along with 65,897,314 others, I have Brazil to win the World Cup. Not a shocking pick, but soccer seems pretty orderly to me. No major upsets once it comes time for elimination games. No Butleresque runs to the finals. Even so, I think it’ll be a great tournament, and very exciting to watch. At the very least, it’s an excuse to drink midday, and who isn’t for that?

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