The Accident

30 Apr
This past Friday, I was in a pretty nasty wreck on the NY State Thruway. I was headed back to New Jersey for the weekend, and about halfway home things went wrong. A car was parked on the shoulder, and, without signaling or getting up to speed, just pulled into my lane. I had next to no time to react, but managed to slam on my brakes and swerve in time to avoid the douche that pulled into the lane. The car behind me, however, slammed into the back of my car. This sent me spinning off the road, flipping as I left the pavement. Miraculously, I was uninjured, as was my dog Max who was with me in the car. I ended up upside down, clutching him to my chest so I must have caught him as we were spinning. All in all, we were very lucky to get out with no physical damage done. The car is totaled, and I’m still having a hard time believing it all actually happened. Here are some pictures I took at the scene (my phone and camera will worked, my laptop made it too). Looking at these makes it even harder for me to believe that I walked away. Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern, and a special thanks to my parents for coming to get me 3 hours away in upstate NY and to Dayna for carting me around all weekend. And congrats to TKE and D Phi E on yet another Greek Week win!

This is how my car ended up on the side of the road.

Right side up

Max is doin’ alright.


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