15 Apr

After riding Killington for a few hours Sunday, I took the beautiful drive up 100 to Sugarbush so I could use my pass from Ride Vermont before their season ended. The way up took me on a gorgeous ride through farmland and a gulf, similar but larger than the Proctorsville Gulf I go through on my way to work everyday. With the Sox game on the radio and a bluebird sky, I had almost as much fun getting there as I did riding there. I’ll definitely have to make that drive this summer.

As for the riding, it was predictable spring riding. The snow was soft, and bumped up on place. There were a few trails that were visible from the lift that still had plenty of coverage, but I guess legally they weren’t “safe” enough to open. Towards the end of the day I ducked under some ropes to explore these trails, and with the mostly untouched snow that was my best run of the day. Sugarbush had 5 trails open, but 2 top to bottom runs – one run was 4 of the trails, another was 2 (they shared the last section of the trail). With the great weather, I had to get some pics of the place. Next winter I’m convinced I need to explore outside of Okemo and get to some other mountains.
View from the parking lot – got a good spot in a mostly empty lot.

Lodge at the top of Super Bravo – the only spinning lift.

This trail had surprisingly good coverage – hook a left and wrap through those trees right frame and it put you onto a covered run.

View from the top – bluebird of all bluebird.

I just like this one.

All bumped up = no good for me.

Cabot rainbow box hibernating for the season – my new favorite cheese.

Spring creeping up on the open trails here too.

All in all it was pretty good riding at ‘Bush for the time of year – still sad to see the last of the snow going. Good thing there’s supposedly more on the way tonight!

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