Doin’ Big Things

1 Apr

Sadly, the riding season is coming to an end soon (Okemo closing tomorrow, 4/9; Killington shooting for May 2, but I don’t see that happening). So, I now need things to do. Here are a couple things I have planned so far; if anyone has an idea of what to do in a snowboarding town in the summer, share them in the comments.

  1. Run/Bike/Hike – this is a big one. I need to stay in shape, and my apartment is too small to work out in much. I also hate running, and my body rejects it. I also want to get a bike as cheaply as possible, and get to riding around and see the scenery. If anyone can help me there, let me know. The hiking around here is pretty good too from what I hear, so I definitely plan on going for more than a few hikes. It’ll also be great to get outside and away from the apartment.
  2. Season change stop motion video – so here’s the plan. Every day possible, I plan on going to the same spot at as close to the same time as I can get. I will take a picture from the same angle, using the same settings on my camera. I plan on shooting by one of the lakes, that way I can catch the ice as it forms and melts, as well as the trees blooming in the spring and changing in the fall. I also want to capture the sky, to show the weather and movement of clouds and fronts. This is probably not an original idea, but I think it’ll be pretty cool to see the end result of my own version.
  3. Make T-shirts – this is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, and I think I’ll finally have time to figure out how to get it done. I want to do my own screen printing
  4. Learn website design – this is something I’ve tried before and failed miserably at. There were a couple factors involved in that, and most of those are gone now. First up, redesigning this blog. Also I want to write more consistently. The redesign could take awhile, but I’d like to get it done by summer. The writing more consistently will hopefully (for me, not necessarily for whoever stumbles across this) start now.
  5. Learn to consistently ollie – I snowboard. It’s embarrassing that I can’t do a simple ollie on a skateboard anytime I want. Simply. Embarrassing.

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