Lost and Found

1 Sep

In possibly the weirdest and creepiest story in recent memory, a woman who disappeared 18 years ago was found the other day. Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped at at 11, was rescued at the age of 29 after being shut off from the world. The article is worth a read, as I can’t even begin to think of what to say about this. How this sex offender Phillip Garrido and his wife got away with this for so long is beyond me. Cops routinely checked in on him as part of his parole, and he was even reported to the police for strange behavior. He had Jaycee and her two daughters, Starlite and Angel, ages 15 and 11, whom he fathered, living in a tent complex on the other side of his fence. His neighbors didn’t say anything, even though they knew he was a sex offender and heard kids and showers in the backyard. Possibly the weirdest aspect is how Jaycee never tried to leave after being abducted. According to the article, Garrido even spent time in jail while she was living back there and she just stuck around. She had access to the internet and even went out in public as Allissa. She didn’t even tell her children that she had been kidnapped. The more I read about it, the more incredible it gets. HOW DID THE POLICE NOT CATCH ON!

Photos from the shanty Jaycee and her kids lived in.

A senile old woman from Fulton, Missouri decided to take matters into her own hands when she got fed up with planes flying around a municipal airport near her home. Judy Davis decided that the best way to take care of the annoying planes would be to shoot them down with a hand gun. If you ask me, bringing a hand gun onto a runway and shooting at a plane is definitely a reasonable way to go about expressing your anger.

The new Mac OS, Snow Leopard, launched this week and is selling for just $29 as an upgrade compared to $99 to go from XP to Vista. It takes up less than half the space the old OS did, wakes up and shuts down twice as fast and even has the touch pad enabled for entering Chinese characters (pretty cool if that’s of any use to you, which for 100% of the people reading this I would imagine it isn’t. Still pretty sweet though.)

According to the Gallup Organization, America’s love affair with Obama is coming to an end. In the latest poll Obama’s approval rating is nearing the 50% mark. If he were to fall below 50%, Gallup says it would be the third fastest drop to below majority approval since World War II. The two presidents that dropped below majority approval faster? Gerald Ford, and the previous Democratic president, Bill Clinton.

One reason for the disapproval is his increasingly liberal policies, the latest of which could give the president emergency control of the internet with the ability to shut down private networks. This is coming from Fox News, so take it as you will, but still a bill that could potentially give the government power to take over computers in the event of a cyber emergency is a bit scary. The way the actual bill is worded makes it seem like they may only be able to control computers used in coordination with a federal contract, but it is still vague enough that the possibility for government computer control is still there. Live Free or Die Hard must have really scared the Senate if they feel this is necessary.

And, lastly, in the sports world, some negativity is headed Brett Favre’s way. I really can’t stand how he keeps coming back, stealing headlines and whatnot, and have also refused to read any articles about him. That is, until the headline “Brett Favre’s Awful Play” was too good to pass up. It lead to an article about Favre’s illegal crackback block on Eugene Wilson of the Texans. He was lined up at receiver in the Wildcat with Tavaris Jackson in the gun, and just dove at his knees to attempt to make a block, injuring Wilson on the play. It was a filthy block, and I’m glad the announcers said didn’t hold back and give Favre any special.



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