How Much Are New Jersey Nets Tickets February 11th Edition

11 Feb

New Jersey Nets Coin

Since we last checked in, the Nets have played a home and home against the Pistons, losing both. Their next home game is tonight against Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs. If you would think that having a future Hall of Famer in the building would bump up prices, well, you would be correct. So just how much are tickets for the game against the Spurs going for tonight? $1.45, an incredible 14,500% increase from the last game, yet still amazingly affordable.

Nets Ticket Prices February 8 2012

Total as of 1/11: $1.46

I’ve created a Tumblr to follow this as well, you can find it here. Much more condensed there.

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How Much Are New Jersey Nets Tickets January 8th Edition

8 Feb

New Jersey Nets Coin

The New Jersey Nets are a bad basketball team. They are also not going to be the New Jersey Nets for much longer, leaving for Brooklyn at the end of the season. A funny thing has happened as the Nets play out their lame duck season in the Prudential Center – ticket prices have dropped through the floor on StubHub. Literally as far as they can go. At this point, a family of 4 can get tickets to a game for less than a nickel. So, as the rest of the season plays out, I’ll be tracking just how little you could get Nets season tickets for if you were to only buy them the day of the game and posting the photographic evidence. Can we stay under $50 for the rest of the year? I think we just may.

How much are tickets for the game against the Pistons going for tonight? A penny.

Nets Ticket Prices February 8 2012

Total as of 1/8: $.01

I’ve created a Tumblr to follow this as well, you can find it here. Much more condensed there.

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Stop SOPA. Stop PIPA.

18 Jan

Don’t let the government censor the internet. Stop SOPA/PIPA. Send a letter to your representatives, sign a petition online, do something to keep the internet unrestricted.

I’ve made a cover photo and profile picture that can be used to support the many sites that have blacked out across the web today since facebook and twitter decided not to join them. So give up your picture for a day to support the cause and keep our internet open. No credit necessary, although if you left a comment saying you used them that’d be nice. At the very least, send a generic email to your Congressmen. Google has made it very simple here:

Please, just do something, anything, to keep the internet open as it was meant to be.

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Red Sox vs Phillies June 30, 2011

30 Jun

I’m at the finale of the Red Sox/Phillies series and in honor of Social Media Day, I’ll be live tweeting the game. Follow me on Twitter @andrewenzy if you’re stuck without the game, or just want to see how this goes.

Red Sox at Phillies, June 28, 2011

28 Jun

As a Red Sox fan in a National League city (Philly), I like to take advantage of the Red Sox coming to visit. They seem to make the trip every year, and I’m not complaining about it. Tonight I had standing room only tickets, which basically lets the home team say, sure, we’ll take your money, but you don’t get a seat. So, me and my buddy Ryan got to the game early enough to get front row out on the centerfield patio.

The Phillies won 5-0, and I’ll just leave it at this – Cliff Lee is a very good pitcher. And the Red Sox National League line up isn’t very good. Put those two together, and it doesn’t bode well for the team I want to see win.

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Apparently All Hit Songs Use Just 4 Chords

27 Jun

Axis of Awesome, a comedy group from Australia, put together a compilation song of hits from years past that all sound the same. It’s incredible that all these songs can sound EXACTLY THE SAME. I’ll let the video do the rest:

Is anyone original anymore?

UPDATE: Vancouver Kissing Couple Not Staged [Video]

24 Jun Kissing Vancouver Couple riot


Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

Rich Lam/Getty Images

Last week, I wrote a post on the Vancouver kissing couple from the post-Stanley Cup loss riots. I had some fun with what was ultimately a sad situation for the city of Vancouver. This photo seemed to be the one of the few positive things (along with citizens helping clean up, and the thank you post-its covering cop cars. Which kind of seems counterproductive to cleaning up and helping the cops, but I digress) that happened that night. As always, haters gonna hate, and it was called out as being staged. Then, this video below came out a few days ago. It depicts what exactly led to the couple being in the position they were – cops singling them out of the mass of people, and beating them to the ground with riot shields and what look like batons. It’s kind of brutal, yet I think shows that the powerful image we saw may have had even more meaning than we had originally thought. A moment of love in a time of chaos.

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