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Apparently All Hit Songs Use Just 4 Chords

27 Jun

Axis of Awesome, a comedy group from Australia, put together a compilation song of hits from years past that all sound the same. It’s incredible that all these songs can sound EXACTLY THE SAME. I’ll let the video do the rest:

Is anyone original anymore?

Kissing Vancouver Couple Remixed

16 Jun

By now, everyone has seen the famous photo of the kissing Vancouver couple from the riots last night (which is apparently a fake. UPDATE: Or it may not be! The plot thickens.) As Mashable pointed out, this picture is ripe for a meme. So let’s have at it, shall we?

Kissing Vancouver Couple riot

The original photo. Rich Lam/Getty Images

Sadaam statue falling vancouver kissing couple

It's a long way from Vancouver to Iraq.

Micael Jordan foul line dunk vancouver kissing couple

Hopefully they get out of the way in time.

Black panthers olympics vancouver kissing couple

Apparently they've got this time travel thing down.

Seen any others? Link to them in the comments, or post your ideas there.

Sitting Will Kill You

11 May

As a desk jockey, this infographic from Medical Billing and Coding (yep), by way of Mashable, worries me a bit. Basically, it says as a species, we are meant to be standing and active. Which is the opposite of what the majority of us are doing for most of the day. Do with this knowledge what you wish.  Click continue for the infographic. Continue reading

Exclusive! Osama bin Laden Death Photo

5 May

There’s been a lot of drama about the Osama bin Laden death photo, and the decision to not release it. A lot of good arguments have been made for and against the release of the photo. We’re not that kind of people, says the government. Like hell we aren’t, says a large portion of the country. Well, lucky for you, I have my own inside sources, and have obtained the photograph all you needy non-believers wanted to see. WARNING: It’s pretty graphic…

Osama bin Laden Death Photo Released

Ball’s in your court now skeptics. What say you?

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So, Osama bin Laden is Dead

2 May

Obama Osama meme

A few thoughts:

    • I was at the Phillies/Mets game last night when everyone found out. The USA chants gave me chills. It was an incredible moment to experience with 45,000 other people. I’ll never forget where I was, just like I’ll never forget watching the second tower come down. Obama said it best – justice has been served.
    • I feel like this was more of a symbol than anything. A very powerful symbol, but a symbol nonetheless. This does not mean that terrorism is over. Unfortunately, I think something awful could happen, as al Qaeda probably wants to send a message now more than ever.
    • Twitter is the most entertaining place around to find news. A great mix of facts and humor, I don’t know if I would have wanted to find out any other way. Check out some of the tweets coming down the line last night:

      There were definitely some good ones out there, along with the serious ones that, you know, conveyed real news. It was a show of unity on an unexpected front. Oh, and Jack Bauer was trending, so that was fun. Here are some newspaper headlines, gathered by Mashable for you old media types. Some good ones in there, as well.

    • Celebrating Osama’s death DOES NOT make us the same as the terrorists who celebrate innocent lives being lost. One major difference stands out: they were celebrating over 3,000 civilians being killed. We’re celebrating one mass murderer being killed.
    • I really, really hope this means that my friends, and all the troops overseas, can start coming home – and stop being sent back over there. Thank you for your service. 
It’s going to be very interesting to see what this turns into, especially with how much information we recovered from his home and the Pakistan government drama. I’m excited as to what this event could mean, but also wary of what it may bring upon us. So, where were you when you found out the news?

Luck, Picks and the Jersey Shore

8 Jan

Here’s how bad things have gotten in Carolina: after finishing 2-14 and being awarded the top pick in the draft, they declared they would take Andrew Luck. Hearing this, Andrew luck decided he would be better off returning to Stanford. I can’t say that I blame him, I even said that the Panthers made the decision for him.!/andrewensminger/status/22691154789142528

The kicker is, Jim Harbaugh, Luck’s coach at Stanford, (and probably a factor in Luck’s decision), decided he was going to bolt to the NFL. I really don’t have a comment, other than what a douche. Way to leave the guy who in all likelihood got you that NFL head coaching gig out to dry. This year he’s slated to go #1; next year with a new coach/offensive system, his stock could slide. Yes, it’s a risk Luck took not declaring for the draft, but still, what a jerk move. Rome would be proud. Yes, I’m all over them this year. #fanboy

Quick picks for this weekend, before the games get started, my pick in bold:

Saints at Seahawks – The Seahawks are awful, just awful. It’s embarrassing that they got into the playoffs at 7-9, but what may be more embarrassing is that no one in that division was better.

Jets at Colts – The Colts should play the entire game barefoot to distract Sexy Rexy.

Ravens at Chiefs – Any money Matt Cassell gets should be split 50-50 with Brandon Pollard. Oh, and **** you Pollard. #stillbitter

Packers at Eagles - Supposed to be a windy one in Philly tomorrow night, but if anyone can throw a ball that cuts through the wind, it’s Vick. If throwing isn’t an option, I hear Vick is a pretty good choice to run it, too.

Caught the first episode of Jersey Shore (guilty pleasure), and wow, did this season go downhill fast. Faster than usual, at least. Normally it’s a couple episodes before dissent among the ranks turns everything hostile, but right off the bat this season it’s out of control. A few thoughts: New Girl sucks, Sammi was completely within her right to laugh at New Girl, Situation will be spending a lot of time in the smush room (but not getting laid), and Pauly D remains the man.


16 Jun

A few quick videos this Youtubesday, since this is my second post today and all. First up, let’s combine the last two weeks themes – legos and soccer – for a rather funny rendition of the goals scored in this weekend’s US/England game.

What was Lady Gaga’s plan for getting famous? Glad you asked!

And the most recent episode of the Philip DeFranco show. He’s just a guy who got YouTube famous by posting himself talking about current events, some that matter, some that don’t. It could be considered NSFW if that matters to you, so you’ve been warned. He’s an entertaining fella, and worth a follow.

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MTV’s Jersey Shore Season 2 Announced

9 Feb

NEW YORK – MTV has announced that it has re-signed the cast of this winter’s controversial show, Jersey Shore, for a second season. The show, filmed in Seaside Heights, New Jersey this past summer, aired in December 2009 and January 2010.

However, due to the high amount of publicity the show received, MTV deemed it impossible to film the show in Seaside Heights again, according to a spokesperson for the channel. “The residents and visitors of Seaside Heights were too aware of the show being filmed,” MTV President of Programming and Development Tony DiSanto said. “People were attempting to get on the show by instigating the cast members, jumping in shots and, at times, staking out the house, waiting for the cameras to roll.”

So, how will the network manage to film Season 2 in relative anonymity? “Season 2 will be filmed in Big Sandy, Wyoming,” DiSanto says. “Big Sandy has a lot of character, yet it seems that the residents genuinely have no idea what the show Jersey Shore, guidos, or even television, for that matter, are all about. Filming here will be a big boost to the local economy, and will provide an interesting change of scenery and culture for the cast and residents.”

When asked about the move, cast member and first season non-factor Vinny Guadagnino said he was excited about doing another season, but wasn’t sure he would be able to handle his mother not being able to visit. “I mean, you know, I’m pretty much like a mama’s boy, you know, so, yea, not seeing her for awhile, is like, it might be pretty tough.”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino had a brighter outlook on things. “I’ve never gotten to travel outside of the country,” “The Situation” stated, clearly oblivious to the fact that Wyoming is a state, and has actually been a part of this country for the past 120 years. “This will be a great opportunity – we’re about to have an international situation,” he said.

Out of all the cast members, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi seemed the most excited to head out to big sky country. “Well, you know, I already tried to **** one cowboy,” Snooki said, referring to Keith of Season 1, “but that failed miserably, so, like, I’m hoping to be able to **** a cowboy out here. I don’t think I can fail out here.”

While Seaside Heights is undoubtedly glad to have these fist pumping sensations out of their town for Season 2, most of the cast seemed indifferent to the change. “Seaside was cool, there were some great chicks there, man,” Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio noted, “but it just comes time to move on to some fresh meat – we’ll beat up that beat wherever we gotta.”

Season 2 will begin filming in mid-to-late May, and will most likely air starting in December.

Lost and Found

1 Sep

In possibly the weirdest and creepiest story in recent memory, a woman who disappeared 18 years ago was found the other day. Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped at at 11, was rescued at the age of 29 after being shut off from the world. The article is worth a read, as I can’t even begin to think of what to say about this. How this sex offender Phillip Garrido and his wife got away with this for so long is beyond me. Cops routinely checked in on him as part of his parole, and he was even reported to the police for strange behavior. He had Jaycee and her two daughters, Starlite and Angel, ages 15 and 11, whom he fathered, living in a tent complex on the other side of his fence. His neighbors didn’t say anything, even though they knew he was a sex offender and heard kids and showers in the backyard. Possibly the weirdest aspect is how Jaycee never tried to leave after being abducted. According to the article, Garrido even spent time in jail while she was living back there and she just stuck around. She had access to the internet and even went out in public as Allissa. She didn’t even tell her children that she had been kidnapped. The more I read about it, the more incredible it gets. HOW DID THE POLICE NOT CATCH ON!

Photos from the shanty Jaycee and her kids lived in.

A senile old woman from Fulton, Missouri decided to take matters into her own hands when she got fed up with planes flying around a municipal airport near her home. Judy Davis decided that the best way to take care of the annoying planes would be to shoot them down with a hand gun. If you ask me, bringing a hand gun onto a runway and shooting at a plane is definitely a reasonable way to go about expressing your anger.

The new Mac OS, Snow Leopard, launched this week and is selling for just $29 as an upgrade compared to $99 to go from XP to Vista. It takes up less than half the space the old OS did, wakes up and shuts down twice as fast and even has the touch pad enabled for entering Chinese characters (pretty cool if that’s of any use to you, which for 100% of the people reading this I would imagine it isn’t. Still pretty sweet though.)

According to the Gallup Organization, America’s love affair with Obama is coming to an end. In the latest poll Obama’s approval rating is nearing the 50% mark. If he were to fall below 50%, Gallup says it would be the third fastest drop to below majority approval since World War II. The two presidents that dropped below majority approval faster? Gerald Ford, and the previous Democratic president, Bill Clinton.

One reason for the disapproval is his increasingly liberal policies, the latest of which could give the president emergency control of the internet with the ability to shut down private networks. This is coming from Fox News, so take it as you will, but still a bill that could potentially give the government power to take over computers in the event of a cyber emergency is a bit scary. The way the actual bill is worded makes it seem like they may only be able to control computers used in coordination with a federal contract, but it is still vague enough that the possibility for government computer control is still there. Live Free or Die Hard must have really scared the Senate if they feel this is necessary.

And, lastly, in the sports world, some negativity is headed Brett Favre’s way. I really can’t stand how he keeps coming back, stealing headlines and whatnot, and have also refused to read any articles about him. That is, until the headline “Brett Favre’s Awful Play” was too good to pass up. It lead to an article about Favre’s illegal crackback block on Eugene Wilson of the Texans. He was lined up at receiver in the Wildcat with Tavaris Jackson in the gun, and just dove at his knees to attempt to make a block, injuring Wilson on the play. It was a filthy block, and I’m glad the announcers said didn’t hold back and give Favre any special.


Don’t Tase Me Bro!

14 Aug

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Eagles have signed Michael Vick. According to the article, the Bengals had offered a deal to him first (fitting for the Bengals). He turned down their $2.3 million/2 year offer for the Eagles $1.6 million/1 year with an option for a second year deal. It seems like a good situation for him as far as staying out of trouble is concerned. He said all the right things at the press conference, saying he realizes he only has one chance and has to get it right. Tony Dungy has always been a role model throughout his time associated with the NFL, and him having Vick’s back says a lot. As far as where he fits in with the team, obviously McNabb is entrenched as the starting quarterback. I see Vick coming in as a running back type, with the Eagles running some direct snap plays for him, as well as lining him up in the slot. With Vick and Westbrook in the same backfield, and DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at wideout, they could also run a pretty formidable Wildcat if they chose to. All in all, if Vick cleans up his act, I think this can be a good thing for the Eagles. Adding a player with a skill set like Vicks can only help a team. With that said, the Patriots still won, with Tom Brady coming back to go 10-15 with 100 yards, 2 touchdowns and a pick. Brady’s backkkkk!!!! There’s also audio of him talking about cuddling up with the ball, and wishing for someone to come and blast him. Here’s the audio, the fun begins about 30 seconds in. I gotta figure out how to isolate that, it’s hilarious.

In other football news, the Washington Redskins got running back Ladell Betts’ name wrong on his jersey. Sad, considering he’s spent his entire career with the ‘Skins, even rushing for 1,000 yards one year.

Michael Phelps was involved in a car crash Thursday night. Police have said alcohol was not a factor, and no citations were issued. Interesting life this guy lives. With all that money, why does he not have a personal chauffeur? You would think that people in his position wouldn’t risk even suspicion of drunk driving. He already has a driving while impaired on his record, too. I feel bad that all his normal growing up mistakes get so much coverage, but still, he has the means to be driven around, so why not do it?

A mom was tasered in front of her kids and is now suing the Onondaga Sheriffs Department. She was pulled over for talking on her cell when an officer saw her driving with her head resting on her cheek. He also claimed he paced her car at 50 in a 45, and was pulling her over for that. She got out of her car to check the tape (bad idea), and he told her to get back in the car. She hesitated and didn’t get back in her car, so he tasered her. She should have never gotten out of the car, but really, a taser wasn’t necessary. It is a great reason to show this video though, and who doesn’t love that? Don’t tase me bro!

A new study shows some people are genetically able to function with less sleep. I wish I were one of those people.

Peace peace.


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